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The Fullarton, In-Coming Shows/Events - Programming Policy

We will only receive in-coming shows on a 'Theatre Hire' basis (outlined below).


We currently have restricted availability to programme touring shows.
Any availability is further restricted to Friday and Saturday evenings only.


Please contact Janet Scott, with any Theatre Hire enquiries.


Basic Performance Hire Charge

The following outlines our basic hire charge. Having read these terms please contact to enquire about availability.

The 'basic performance hire' costs £300 for an evening performance. This covers the period from 4.00pm to 11.00pm (the latest time allowed for the completion of the 'get out' ie the stage cleared and all vehicles off the premises).

This charge covers

  • Front Of House staff
  • basic stage lighting eg 'non-cued'
  • sound / playback eg CD, MiniDisc, mp3 etc - this does not include band/singer amplification

Additional equipment,  engineers, followspot operators etc required to operate a 'cued' show will be subject to additional charges.


The 'basic performance hire' includes all Front of House and Technical Staff. Operation of Technical Equipment (light and sound) beyond 'basic presentation' costs an additional £40 per lighting and/or sound operator - if required.

House PA

The House PA is not available to incoming bands etc. If a 'FOH Mix Position' is required by a band using its own PA please advise when making a booking. The provision of a FOH position will require a number of seats to be taken off sale (usually 6) depending on space required.

'Get Out' Curfew

We are situated in a residential area and always endeavour to keep disruption to a minimum. Therefore there is an 11.00pm curfew on 'get-outs' ie all equipment, scenery etc must be loaded and vehicles off the premises by 11.00pm.

Excess 'Get Out' time

Any time taken beyond 11.00pm will be charged at £10.00 per quarter hour or part thereof.

Equipment Hire

Equipment outwith what is provided as part of a 'basic performance hire' eg Radio Mics, Projectors etc are subject to a separate charge.

Access and Set Up / Rehearsal

(Bare Stage - no Theatre Lighting or Sound System) Time out with the hire period (5.00pm – 11.00pm) is charged at £20 per hour or part as required.
Access for 'next day get out' is also charged at £20 per hour or part  - with a minimum charge of £20.

Production Rehearsal

(Inc Theatre Lighting and Sound and Operator(s) Time out with the hire period (5.00pm – 11.00pm) is charged at £40 per hour as required.

Daytime Hire - Meetings/Conference etc

We are currently unable to accept any new daytime hires.

Seating Capacity

The seating capacity is 166. If a FOH Mixing Position is required this will reduce total capacity depending on the hirer's requirements. The minimum space for a FOH Mix Position usually takes up 6 seats.

Ticketing - Box Office Services

The Fullarton can print and sell tickets for your event as well as providing you with a Box Office Report after the event. We charge 2% on ticket sales, mainly to cover the cost of accepting card payments.


The minimum charge for PRS is currently £28 plus VAT (total £32.90) and goes to 3% when sales exceed £1,000 . We also need for PRS a set list of the numbers performed.



1. All advertised Hire Rates are subject to confirmation at the time of acceptance of booking. Rates are negotiable in respect of multiple bookings.

2. During any period when performance rate is chargeable, ancillary rooms will not be hired to others without the agreement of the Hirer of the auditorium.

3. The Theatre's volunteer staff have agreed not to accept gratuities from hirers, but donations to Lochside Theatre Holdings Limited in lieu of gratuities are most welcome.

4. Time charged for rehearsals meetings etc will be from advertised start time to actual finishing time rounded up to the next complete half hour. Access will be available 15 minutes before start time unless a longer period is booked.

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